Z-SERIES       Black only
Z-210 Naturally featuring the new Z200 styling, the Z210 is a pure audiophile CD player which benefits from Myryad's renowned audio engineering expertise. Multiple, separately regulated power supplies, massive reservoir capacitors and proprietary DAC decoupling all combine to ensure the Z210 delivers a superior sound quality with a truly excellent three dimensional soundstage. 850 €
Z-240 The new dynamic, 50 Watts per channel Z240 amplifier boasts a luxuriously thick "Z200" brushed aluminium facia. Its new white LED indicators complement the uncluttered styling to produce a sophisticated look and feel. The Z240 delivers extended, weighty and controlled bass, open and detailed mid-range, and added top-end air and sweetness. This superb sound is achieved with the help of an optimally shortened signal path featuring just one high speed, low loss series capacitor in each channel and discrete "soft recovery" ultra-fast rectifiers which improve dynamic range by reducing induced RF "noise".
850 €
Z-230 Derived from the highly praised Z132 model the new tuner encompasses the beautiful Z200 styling. The tuner offers the convenience of 29 pre-set FM stations and an in-built clock/alarm function. Clarity, warmth and ambience are all features of this tuner's outstanding radio sound quality. 730 €
Z-220 The Z20 Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) provides the perfect solution to high quality reproduction of digital audio, from whatever source. It can be the interface between a PC, Mac or laptop and your hi-fi system, and it can provide a sonic upgrade to the stereo sound from your CD, DVD or Blu-Ray player. 500 €
subject to change - 5/2014

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